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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 2, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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believe should be reinvested in the system to mat afe system. >> we ask they come back with a final penalty that is reasonable, proportionate and takes in to consideration the billions of dollars in infrastructure improvements to our gast system. >> reporter: it's stipulated the money must come from shareholders and not ratepayers. watchdog agency turn is concerned the utility company will find a way around that. a pg&e spokesman said today it was too earlier to say how ratepayers could be affected. unlike corporate fines, san bruno city attorney says pg&e will not get a tax deduction. >> so here's how the penalty stands right now. if no one files an appeal, then it takes effect in 30 days. it is likely someone is going to appeal, whether it be the watchdog group turn, pg&e or the city of san bruno. in that case they'll take up the appeals and the board will vote on a final penalty for pg&e. ann notrarangelo, kpix 5. >> prior to this, the biggest
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penalty the cpuc ever handed down was also against pg&e, a $38 million fine for a 2008 gas explosion in rancho cordova. new at 5:00, a case of street justice in a san jose park could backfire tonight. starts with a group confronting a man who they say exposed himself to children in a park bathroom. what happens next may have angry parents facing some criminal charges. kpix 5's lin ramirez. >> there was a lot going on at this park restroom last night. one crime they know for sure happened, that's the assault on this middle aged man captured on video. the second crime that police are checking out is the alleged indecent exposure on a child by that assault victim. whatever the case, there was a lot going on here and it was all captured on video. we've got to warn you this video is very graphic. >> reporter: the video shows a young man with a light beard
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giving a beating to the middle aged man who doesn't speak english. the man throwing punches accuses the other guy of exposing himself to his son who was apparently in the restroom a few minutes earlier. the man pleads to be let go but gets socked again. it happened in this restroom at fowler creek park in san jose's evergreen neighborhood at about 8:00 monday evening. >> our assault unit has viewed the video. >> reporter: a source tells kpix 5 someone posted the video to facebook. >> there's really two parts to the investigation. there's the alleged indecent exposure and there's the assault we can see on the video. >> reporter: the video goes on to show the man getting more blows. a woman tells others in the crowd to call police then the man tries to get away. but his escape is blocked by other young men who seem confused as to what to do next. the bearded man takes one last swing and draws blood. at that time the man let go, moaning in to the park. >> i bring my kids here.
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we have barb barbecues -- barbecues here. it was shocking. >> reporter: neighbors call the whole incident disturbing. >> i think the individual who assaulted him should have approached it in a different manner. >> despite what happened here and the calls for police that can be heard in that video, no one actually stuck around from the parents group or the friends of the parents to report the incident to police. when police arrived, they did make contact with the victim in this case. they're still looking for the others involved. reporting live in san jose, lin ramirez. new details on the arrest of 49ers defensive tackle ray mcdonald for felony domestic violence. coach harbaugh said today he will not rush to judgment but also says there's no tolerance for domestic abuse. mark kelly has reaction from
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mcdonald's fellow players and general manager. >> i can't reiterate enough, domestic violence is not something that will be tolerated within the 49er organization period. >> reporter: the 49ers general manager comes down firm after police arrested his player ray mcdonald for felony domestic violence. mcdonald practiced with the team today, leaving open the possibility he'll play this sunday. >> will you wait for the court process to make the decision? >> ian -- i don't know that we'll wait for the court process. we're in the mode of finding out as many facts as we can. >> reporter: police arrested mcdonald at a party in this south san jose home. his fianci told dispatchers mcdonald hit her and she was 10 weeks pregnant. >> with this investigation it was determined there were visible injuries but no medical treatment required at that time. >> reporter: vernon davis says he was at that party and left early. he was one of many
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players at the south san jose home. >> it was a big number of guys but i'm not sure if there was half or 75%. i'm not sure. but i know guys came to support ray on his birthday. >> reporter: in the locker room today mcdonald's fellow players stand by him, saying the arrest won't keep him from focusing on the game. >> everybody in this locker room knows ray is a great guy. i think everybody is fine right now. >> reporter: players are reluctant to weigh in, only saying the investigation will reveal the truth about ray mcdonald's guilt or innocence but they know coach has been clear. rules are the rules. >> de -- domestic violence is a bad thing and he tells us he's not tolerating stuff like that. >> as far as comparing mcdonald's arrest to aldon smith's dui and marijuana possession, the gm of the 49ers says they are two completely separate incidents and they're going to be treated as such. live at levi's stadium, mark
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kelly, kpix 5. >> mcdaund's arrest comes days after the nfl announced a six-game suspension for any player who breaks the league's policy on domestic violence. the ceo has resigned after elevator surveillance video showed him kicking a dog and yanking on its leash. in addition to resigning, hague agreed to donate $100,000 to an organization supporting the protection of animals. he'll also serve 1,000 hours of community service. isis militants claim to have executed a second american hostage. a new video called a second message to america claims to show the beheading of steven sotloff who went missing in syria last year. u.s. intelligence is working to confirm the video's authenticity. >> if the video is genuine, we are sickened by this brutal act taking the life of another
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innocent american citizen. >> isis says it is acting in response to u.s. air strikes on its fighters in iraq. the masked man warned several countries against joining the fight against isis. he threatens a third hostage, identified as david haynes of great britain. a man was arrested early this morning for smashing a glass door at the consulate building in san francisco. police say the man was under the influence of drugs and believed someone was chasing him. not the first time a consulate in san francisco has been vandalized. in january a daly city man was arrested for seting fire to the chinese consulate. he told the fbi he was hearing voices in his head. governor brown has requested a presidential major disaster declaration to help speed up federal aid to napa quake victims. meanwhile the rebuilding effort in downtown napa continued to with major deconstruction. crews removed a sagging section of roof from one of the most heavily damaged buildings. other bay area headlines, the search continues for a
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swimmer gone missing at the point rays national seashore yesterday. three people swam across the mouth but one of the swimmers, a man in his early 20s, was lost while swimming against the tide on the way back. we have new details about a deadly plane crash in marin a few weeks ago. pilot robert john madge reported inengine problems. he later said the partial power had been restored, only to lose it again a short time later. he lost radio contact before crashing off hicks valley road west of novato. back to school and back to gridlock. >> your commute, ask people. they'll like lae -- likely say it's bad. >> it will affect 80. it will affect 101. >> i just spent an hour in traffic. >> it's not just in your head. we crunched the numbers. why bay area commutes are longer than ever.
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>> they're used to dishing out punishments. now two california judges are getting their own dose of discipline for some naughty courtroom behavior. >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday sunshine. temperatures hitting 1 00 degrees today. the clouds are back. not in this picture. but trust me, there are plenty clouds out there. but it comes with a catch. pg&e gets the power to do-- without your permission. nope, it's not just you.
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it's the same route to work. it's just taking a whole lot longer nope, not just you. it's the same route to work, it's just taking a whole lot longer. in fact, we're all spending a lot more time in traffic in places like the bay bridge toll plaza. bay area commutes are now longer than ever. >> kpix's mike sugerman tells us about the longer time behind the wheel. >> we're living in historic
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times. 3.6 million people are now working in the bay area. they're not all driving right next to you trying to get to work, it just seems that way. >> reporter: your commute? ask people. they'll likely say it's bad. >> 880, then it affects 80. it will affect 101. >> i just stopped like an hour in traffic. >> is it getting worse? >> it's getting worse. >> reporter: that's just anecdotal. >> the extension between ceasar chavez and 101, watch out for a mattress blocking a lane. >> reporter: talk to an expert. >> how long have you been doing this? >> about 25 years. >> have you ever seen it this bad? >> not that i can remember. >> reporter: john atkinson can remember the ups and downs of the traffic. the boom period of dot com period, early 2000s. the drop-off during the great recession. he's never seen it this bad in places you might not expect. >> the trip in from the central valley, 580 over the altamont pass is terrible every single
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morning. trip from petaluma. >> reporter: john goodwin of the metropolitan commission crunched the numbers. in most counties job totals have never in history been hire. same might be said for some commutes. >> whenever you've got periods of high employment, you've got high demand on the torpgz system. system -- on the transportation system. >> reporter: we're living through history, perhaps not the type most of us enjoy. >> the numbers haven't come out yet but i'll bet next time they do, we'll see historic records for mass transit as well. at the bay bridge toll plaza, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> good that more people have jobs but got to get going earlier. >> i don't think they're driving next to me. they're all in front of me. [ laughter ] >> get out of the way. we have to get to work. coming up, it's an easy way to trim your power bill. >> it changes the temperature
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maybe a few degrees. >> the smart box trade-off, the control you give up to get a check in the mail. >> two california judges on the receiving end of some tough justice. the strong public punishment for getting busy behind the bench.
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has contracted the deadly e virus while working in libe th another american doctor has contracted the deadly ebola virus while working in liberia. the doctor is an obstetrician and was not treating ebola patients when he began to show symptoms. he was working for the same missionary group as the other two americans who contracted the virus. the director of the cdc is warning the ebola epidemic is spreading faster than doctors can treat it. >> it's spiraling out of control. it's bad now. it's going to get worse in the very near future. there is still a window of opportunity to tamp it down, but that window is closing. we really have to act now. >> the cdc is calling on all nations to pour money and other resources in to west africa to help doctors treat the rapidly growing number of patient. this latest doctor who contracted the ebola virus is reportedly doing okay. two california judges are being disciplined for having sex in their chambers. a california watchdog agency says orange
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county judge scott steiner had sex with former female law students. kearn county supreme court judge cory whoopered had a relationship with the court clerk and lied about it. both judges are being sentured but will remain on the bench. apple says it was not the result of an icloud breach. the company says hackers specifically and intentionally zeroed in on individual accounts leading to the posting of the stars' private photos online. apple insists the icloud system itself is secure. nearly three weeks after quitting social media because she was tormented, the daughter of the late robin williams is back online and has a message. zelda williams posted a message yesterday saying thank you and added a link to the harvey firestein quote, never be bullied in to silence. never allow yourself to be made a victim. accept no one's definition of your life.
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define yourself. a walk through the castro district today was like a walk back through history. 20 bronze plaques are being placed on sidewalks. each one honors a person who has made a contribution to the lgbt community. it's part of the new rainbow honor walk. this is the first phase of the project. walk anywhere in the bay area, it was pretty nice today. down right perfect. >> what a change from yesterday. yesterday we went kind of uncomfortably hot and for some folks, they may be uncomfortably cold but i bet you everybody was happy with the weather. back to san francisco weather except it extended everywhere throughout the bay area. much cooler. here's a look from berkeley. sun did not come out all afternoon. five-hour time lapse. marine layer after cloud layer after cloud layer. we did see sunshine inland. livermore, you're 99 yesterday. currently you're sitting at 78. big time change.
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oakland at 70. san francisco, 64 and san jose 74. if yesterday was too hot for you, today was a much more comfortable day for you. walnut creek, 4:00 yesterday, 97 degrees. walnut creek 4:00 today, 79 degrees. an 18-degree drop in walnut creek just today. overnight tonight, clouds will spill all throughout the bay area. fremont, cloudy. san jose, cloudy and napa and santa rosa. your morning temperatures in the mid 50s. what changed? yesterday huge ridge of high pressure off to our west blocking any cloud cover. we had an offshore wind and temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees below average. same ridge, same strength, different location. it was shoved down to the south. now aiding in the on shore flow. big area of pressure. rain doesn't get close to us but it's cranking up the flow from the ocean and shoving it toward the bay area. this particular pattern is going to hold for about the next five to seven days. today's weather
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will be repeated every day for the next week as the low stays to the north, the onshore flow is stronger. you get the cloud cover and we all embrace the cooler weather because it's here to stay. fog, low cloud cover pushing inland tonight. clouds will stick around near the water pretty much all day long. just like today. we're trending a bit sunnier by the weekend. any big time changes i don't see happening for the next week. concord, you'll get the sunshine in the afternoon but not average. upper 70s for you in mountain view. santa clara, sunnyvale. 85 for walnut creek tomorrow. antioch, 84. warm but be low normal. san francisco, widespread morning fog and drizzle. some afternoon sunshine. 68 degrees. mill valley, 78 . 78 for sonoma and 88 your high tomorrow in clover dale. this is the repeat forecast. every day for the next week will be very similar to the one before it. 80s inland. 70s near the bay. cloudy start. all the way through next tuesday.
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mid 60s at the coast, all the way through next tuesday. >> can i be right all those days too? because i'm never right. >> just repeat. you'll be right. [ laughter ] california's drought is taking a toll on the state's power supply. >> consumer watch reporter julie watts on the financial incentive to conserve but you might have to give up some control. >> reporter: it's a little box that can have a big impact when california's energy supply is stretched to the limit. >> all it does is turn off the compressor part of the air conditioner just during the times when we call on it. >> reporter: david eisenhower of pg&e say most people who enroll in the smart ac program don't even notice it because it only reduces their air conditioning for about 15 minutes. >> it changes the temperature maybe a few degrees. >> reporter: but he said they do notice the $50 check pg&e sends after they sign up and a lot more sign-ups are needed. energy researcher says california's drought has
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severely limited the amount of hydroelectric power the state can produce. >> we are relying much more on other generation sources, most of which made a lot of pollution. >> reporter: he says programs that give customers financial incentives to limit electricity use help. there's a critical peak pricing program which offers slightly lower rates for power on most days but charges a significantly higher rate on days when power is at a premium. customers are given advanced notice. borenstein says it saves him money. >> there have been studies that show if you know you're a heavy electricity user relative to your neighbor, you're more likely to cut back. >> reporter: a tool that's intended to shock consumers in to using less and it just might be working. >> that's actually how pg&e
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increased signups. enrollments tripled when they posted a public signup sheet and neighbors saw what their neighbors were doing. if you have a consumer problem, give us a call or head to and send us an e-mail. >> peer pressure. >> maer -- or maybe the $50. chilling in the woman. some expecting parents get a rather unusual message from their unborn babies. >> capitol staffers fess up on finger gate. ,,,,
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ingredients for life. mishap a we may never know who to point the finger at at the million-dollar mishap at the capitol. a coin may have likely snapped the finger off this marble statue but since there are no security cameras in that part of the camera it may be impossible to determine exactly what happened. the coins tossed
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in a longstanding end of session tradition along lawmakers. they say landing a coin in the queen's crown guarantees the governor will sign their bill. from a missing finger to a viral thumb. a baby is an internet sensation before its even born. this ultrasound showing what looks like the baby flashing a big thumbs up sign. some have nicknamed the baby the fonzi fetus. the parents to be are expecting twins and will find out the sexes soon. >> saying it's all good here. [ laughter ] we'll be right back, but first, here's tonight's jobs report with steven greenburg. >> to see what's really going on in the job market, it helps to look away from the unemployment rate and toward two numbers. the amount of workers hired and wage gains. in the last year, more than 50 million americans have been hired. in the bay area employment actually increased 3% over the prior year
5:26 pm
and statewide, employment in california's private sector increased by over 305,000 jobs. all those openings add up but monthly headlines about jobs only showed net numbers. think of it like this. if you take the number of people hired, subtract the people laid off or quit. that equals the number of new jobs created. in july it was 200,000 nationwide. the other number to keep in mind is zero. that's the number of wage gains workers have seen in the past decade. that tells us workers are moving around, trying to get ahead. many are in fact running in place. learning how to conduct a more effective job search and developing new skills is important. in upcoming reports we'll try to help. ,,,,
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tonight... a california town in crisis due to the drought: "200 here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. a california town in crisis due to the drought. >> 200 families without water in their houses. 200. >> what those families are resorting to to get by in these dry conditions. plus word that this could just be the beginning. >> also, decades-old technology on the new bay bridge. why the system that's supposed to keep traffic flowing has not been replaced since the 70s. >> plus the story of a northern california country star frozen in time. i'll have details at 6:00. >> see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watch ing us at 5:00. the cbs evening news. >> the latest news and weather on our website,
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>> rose: tonight, terrorists behead another american. is on the threat to execute journalist steven sotloff. bob orr has details; major garrett, the u.s. reaction. how did hackers get hold of the photos celebrities stored in private internet accounts? john blackstone on what apple is saying about the stars and the cloud. don dahler on powerful storms hitting the midwest with tornadoes, lightning, heavy rain, and flooding. and look out, broadway, jeff pegues with the next generation of theater critics. >> it's an extraordinary, great, powerful, life-changing show. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose, and this is our western edition. they have done it again.


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